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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Overwintering Outdoor plants

Tips for overwintering your favourite tropical plants-such as mandevilla, bougainvillea, passion flower.

Now that it is officially autumn it is time to start preparing your tropical plants for bedtime.
Apply a single dose of liquid fertilizer with a high middle number, such as 10-52-10 (but don't over-fertilize).
Leave the plant outdoors until temperatures fall below 10*C.
Move the plant to a more shaded area that they are in now, to begin the acclimatization process.
Three weeks after you have fertilized prune the plant back to 12inch (30cm) above soil level.
Change the soil and wash foliage with insecticidal soap - you do not want to bring any unwanted creatures into your home.
Place the plant in the sunniest spot possible with room temperature 17*C or above.
Reduce watering and keep the soil on the dryer side.

The plant will now go dormant.

During the winter months pinch back any new growth to promote a lush healthy plant next spring.
As spring approaches more the plant to indirect light but still inside.
When temperatures remain between 15*-17*C place the plant outside in a shady location to allow it to acclimatize; if the plant is rushed it will defoliate but new leaves will reappear.
Slowly move the plant into direct sun.
Increase watering and apply a balanced liquid fertilizer (20-20-20).

Follow these steps and you will have gorgeous blooms next summer!

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